Skyrim on Switch is Everything You Hoped it Would Be

Nintendo’s behind-closed-doors appointments at PAX West always happen in the same tiny room. Well above the bustling show floor, down a very clinical hallway, tucked behind a door that simply reads “Nintendo”, we get to spend about an hour here each year, and get a sneak peak at the Nintendo games that are just over the horizon.

This year, we waited in that beige hallway for an extra 10 minutes before we were allowed entry. Our Nintendo rep opened the door just enough to pop his head out.

“Give us a minute,” he said, “Skyrim is broken.”


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There it was. All my fears for this game realized in a brief update. You see, I love Skyrim. Like, 300+ hours, multiple completions, different character classes on different systems, love it. And I love my Nintendo Switch, but since Skyrim was announced for Switch, I’ve been perplexed. How? How could I take this entire sprawling kingdom with me in my back pocket?

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