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The Box of the Acorn Electron version of Elite.

Released in 1984 at the cost of £14.95 (which would be around £45 today). Due to the the game running on the less powerful Electron meant several game features were cut including Thargoids and suns.

Game tape

The game loaded up from an external tape deck. Though it took a long time to load it did give the game the advantage of being amble save you CMDR name, and your current equipment cargo. But again due to restraints in the Electron it could only run in black and white. This is some game play footage.

Acorn Electron

This is not the keyboard, its the whole computer. It Launched in 1983 and cost £199 (which would be £600 today). Though it had a popular following its high price, and initial problems in meeting orders meant it could never become as popular as the zx spectrum or the Commodore 64 in terms of a gaming machine. Nor with its limited system beat older but more expensive machines such as the BBC micro (the micro was made by Acorn and had the first version of Elite).

Ship identification guide.

The game comes with a laminated quick recognition guide. Here you can the limited number of ships available in the Electron version.

The Dark Wheel,

The game also came with a novella, to set the scene of the game and try and explain the moral ambiguity of the trader/pirate life.

No sequel was ever made for the novella.

The game manual

The manual explains the galaxy map. Though it may seem simple, each system was randomly generated (economy and government). It was quite groundbreaking at the time and some times took planning to make decent trades.

Artists imprison of the inside of an Anaconda (Anacondas were not available in the this version. I hope when they add walking inside the ship it looks as good as that.

The cobra was the only ship available to pilot in this version. It had a 20TC cargo bay so it was pretty efficient at trading and combat.

However here it does not. It looks like an armed church spire. But I would love this paint job option in ED.

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