Square Enix Easter Surprise Box Contains Five Mystery Games for Ten Bucks

Easter is coming up at the end of this month, and Final Fantasy developer Square Enix is celebrating by asking you to pay them $10 for its “Easter Surprise Box.” You’ll have to take a risk when purchasing it because the PC games won’t be revealed until after the sale period ends.

The Square Enix Easter Surprise Box will be available from March 11 to 20 and contains five games that will be revealed after March 21. If you do buy in, the games will be delivered individually, so you can gift them to friends if you don’t want them. It’s important to note that the surprise box is non-refundable.

The five games are valued over $80 and will be made available through Steam. You can check out a list of Square Enix-published games on Steam right here.

In other Square Enix-related news, the company invited Miss Universe, who is a Final Fantasy fan, to the release date event for Final Fantasy XV.

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