Super Mario 64 Mod Could Be the Start of a Battle Royale Mode

The Battle Royale craze just got a little bigger with this Super Mario 64 mod that combines all of the game’s original levels into one giant map.

Renowned modder Kaze Emanuar created the huge map for the possible creation of a Battle Royale mode. Players start by spinning downward, allowing them to land in any location. Cannons are used to quickly jump from one area to the next and coins are used to fuel power-ups like the Wing Cap that you can enable at any time. This hack serves more as a demo and the goal is simply to collect all the Stars by replaying a chunk of Super Mario 64 in one giant map.

This mode could be a game mode that’s added to the newly updated Net64 2.0 client, which allows players to play Super Mario 64 and its many hacks with friends online. The most recent update added new game modes like Prop Hunt and Tag, along with new playable characters like Sonic and Goomba who join a cast that include Luigi, Peach, Rosalina, and of course, Waluigi.

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