Super Mario Build-a-Bear Collection Now Available

The wild and free nature of building your own bear is getting a host of options designed to please the bear-loving Nintendo fan in your life.

Build-a-Bear Workshop’s new Super Mario collection features characters and costumes from the beloved franchise, including a Mario bear, as well as Yoshi, Bowser, and Toad plushies.

There are also costume accessories, full costumes, like Peach and Luigi, as well as sounds you can implant inside your bear friend. Since Build-a-Bear is a chill company, you can mix and match as long as everything fits. For example, throw the Superman 6-in-1 sound pack into Yoshi and then dress him like Elf from the movie Elf.

Sounds like anarchy, and it is. In fact, Build-a-Bear may be the freest possible free-market, giving consumers an infinite combination of choices and never judging people for making them.

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