Super Mario Galaxy Comes to Wii U Tomorrow, Nintendo Website Says

One of the Nintendo Wii’s best games ever, Super Mario Galaxy, will launch for Wii U tomorrow, December 24. That’s according the game’s product page on (via Polygon), which says it’ll cost $20 when it launches as an early Christmas present tomorrow through the Virtual Console eShop.

Nintendo has yet to officially announce Super Mario Galaxy or confirm its release date. The game’s Wii U eShop version was first hinted at when the ESRB rated the Wii game for Wii U earlier this month.

We’ve followed up with Nintendo in an attempt to get more details. We’ll update this post with anything we might hear back.

If you already own Super Mario Galaxy for Wii, you can play it on Wii U through the system’s backward compatibility functionality. Sequel Super Mario Galaxy 2 is already available on Wii U through the eShop.

GameSpot’s Super Mario Galaxy review scored the game a 9.5/10. “If ever there ever a must-own Wii game, Super Mario Galaxy is it,” our reviewer said at the time.

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