Super Smash Bros. Takes on a New Vibe With Mortal Kombat X-Ray Attacks

Despite the fact that Super Smash Bros. boils down to various Nintendo (and some non-Nintendo) mascots beating each other up, the series has never felt particularly dark or brutal. Cut in some footage of Mortal Kombat‘s X-ray attacks, however, and things quickly change.

The new video above, entitled Super Smash Bros x Mortal Kombat, comes from YouTube user Sterling. It takes footage of Super Smash Bros. and cuts it in short clips of Mortal Kombat X-ray attacks, which provide a graphic view of characters’ bones being crushed, stabbed, broken, and so on. It’s made all the better (or more unsettling, depending upon your perspective) that the choice of X-ray clips line up so well with the Smash Bros. attacks.

The video’s already gotten a strong response, and Sterling has said he’ll be creating a sequel. He’s also taking suggestions–what would you like to see next?

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