‘Swords of Ditto’ scratches that retro ‘Zelda’ itch

Washed up on the beach, you, young boy/girl/robot, are the hero that will save the island of Ditto. Or you’ll fail, and plunge the land into a hundred years of darkness until another hero is born. OneBitBeyond’s The Swords Of Ditto lets you control one tiny adventurer at a time, and if when you die, the Big Evil (some sorceress of some kind) fries you on the spot, you won’t live to fight another day. However, someone else will claim your hero’s sword and continue the struggle. That’s the crux, but it’s how OneBitBeyond have executed it, in a top-down action RPG that leans heavily on SNES-era Zelda (and some Secret Of Mana), with a punchy cartoon style that belies the small team behind it all.


Source: Engadget

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