In search of pixel perfection with the Analogue Super NT

The 16-bit aesthetic is the new vinyl. It taps into a growing vein of ’90s nostalgia, and it also reflects a longing for a tactile past world that just predates full-scale digitization. Fat, colorful sprites represent an era when technology was still analog and full of exciting possibilities. The Super Nintendo is as much an emblem of this retro near-futurism …

The Analogue Super Nt is Nintendo’s SNES Classic for grown-ups

Just as the NES Classic Edition broke ground before the SNES Classic, Analogue is also following up on Nintendo’s wallet-grab on our childhood memories with another premium, no-compromise mini console that plays the gaming carts of yesteryear, and solves some of our issues with the official miniature SNES. This is all, however, for a premium price. Naturally. Author:  Source: Engadget