‘Tunic’ is more than just a ‘Zelda’ clone with a cute fox

Tunic looks like a game that’s taken a lot of inspiration from SNES era Zelda titles — and when Xbox’s E3 2018 showcase is an awful lot of games with guns, zombies or unexplained apocalyptic surroundings, it was a welcome panacea. Meet the tiny fox embarking on an adorable, mysterious adventure. Author:  Source: Engadget

‘Night in the Woods’ makes the leap to Nintendo Switch February 1st

Quirky adventure game Night in the Woods is a finalist for three awards in the upcoming Independent Games Festival: the Seumas McNally grand prize, visual art and narrative categories. Now it’s coming to Nintendo’s Switch console this February 1st, a year after its initial release on Mac, Windows, Linux and PlayStation 4. The title is slated for a mobile release …