‘Monster Hunter: World’ will invade ‘Final Fantasy XIV’

At the top of its E3 presentation, Square Enix trailer footage for Final Fantasy XIV‘s Stormblood expansion that dropped last year…and then had bumper footage for another event: A crossover between the MMO and the publisher’s best-selling Monster Hunter: World, which came out back in January. Source: ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ x ‘Monster Hunter: World’ (YouTube) Author:  Source: Engadget

‘Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate’ arrives on Switch August 28th

The Switch is getting its own Monster Hunter game this summer, but unfortunately, it won’t be the record-selling current-gen version, World. Last summer, Nintendo launched Monster Hunter XX, a port of a 2016 3DS title, in Japan — and now it’s on its way to American shores. Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate comes out for Switch in the US on August …