The Analogue Super Nt is Nintendo’s SNES Classic for grown-ups

Just as the NES Classic Edition broke ground before the SNES Classic, Analogue is also following up on Nintendo’s wallet-grab on our childhood memories with another premium, no-compromise mini console that plays the gaming carts of yesteryear, and solves some of our issues with the official miniature SNES. This is all, however, for a premium price. Naturally. Author:  Source: Engadget

The Analogue Nt mini wants to be the last NES you’ll ever buy

Trying to play an NES cartridge on Nintendo’s original, 30-year-old hardware can be an exercise in frustration. The console’s ancient composite cables offer terrible image quality on modern televisions, and getting games to actually run is a ballet of reseating, jostling and, of course, blowing on game cartridges. Nintendo’s own NES Classic Edition and the Wii U and 3DS virtual …