That DEATH Cat’s Gonna Make Me Fall Prey (2017) to Gift Falsehood Hollow!

If and only if you’re a giant weeaboo, you will no doubt feel patronized for me telling you this, but Yu-Gi-Oh! is some kind of anime, probably also a manga and most certainly a video game (or a hundred billion). It’s apparently more mature than Pokémon with something called Shadow Games and talk about DEATH. Yu-Gi-Oh! isn’t actually something you play per se but there is a heavily featured trading card game (represented as holograms in the series itself) called Duel Monsters. What does the title mean you ask? It means “courage to lie to a bear!”… or “superior chase skills!”… or “help affair to grow!”… Yeah, we’ve been here before, haven’t we? I created this spreadsheet to actually translate the name randomly every time you load it up. Have the blast you know you’re supposed to!

I don’t know who the characters are being challonged to the DEATH game in these three, but I have no trouble placing ‘AntonioPeremin’ in my convoluted mental maps and charts. He’s taken some of the few PC Yu-Gi-Oh! games and won at single duels like he was in a rush to the opera or something (Paul Morphy style). Here’s the breakdown for y’all:

If and only if you’re a collector of obscurity and curios like those 18th century men-of-the-world procuring for their “Wunderkammers” discoveries and samples from far abroad, chances are you’re not all that familiar with 2010’s Deadly Premonition. Despite this, it seems to enjoy the status of their best-known title amongst many mostly this-year’s-edition titles Access Games have produced for mainstream publishers such as Square-Enix and Microsoft. The non-westernized name was Red Seeds Profile which points at a central motif. There’s a murderer, known as the Raincoat Killer, whose idiosynchratic trail special agent York is combing for the slightest of clues in small town Greenvale and outskirts. The game’s most notable feature was its dynamic representation of the town with NPCs and business establishments each operating on the clock with the day cycling and the weather shifting. York himself must take care of his corporal sustenance and sleep, often resorting to caffeine to stave it off another couple of hours. Aside from roving about the place on wheels or off, talking to the townsfolk while trying to piece it together, surreal survival-horrory sequences (not the critics’ darlings I’m afraid) are interwoven along with excerpts straight from the protagonist’s sprawling subconsciousness.

Due to the reality-miming mechanics, I’m sure runner ‘StiWii Rage’ would have, at times, had to deliberate on the minutiae of the 3:21.07 itinerary here followed through hitchlessly in one fell sitting. I wouldn’t be averse to see what it looks like in 100% mode seeing as many more chores and assignments await the sleepless in this harrowed, mesmerizing microcosm. All fans, new and old, be aware! The game’s main creative engine, its Hideo Kojima if you will, Hidetaka Suehiro is now pitching a new and rather appealing design called The Good Life, up for pledges and investments on Fig.

I have to be fair… 0:06:58 for an immersim, despite their abundancy of hack-prone doors (and the occasional illusory floors and ceilings) for players to pick their way through, is certainly shorter than… well any of the others isn’t it, including System Shock from a few updates ago. Thus it’s not entirely inane for speedrun laymen across gaming news dispensers to have elected what we shall have to call Prey (2017) out of all those recently afflicted by speedrun radiation (what causes the gameplay to mutate) as that recurring headline item from our (celerial) sphere. It does, however, make this a bit of a rehash. Between the game’s ubiquity and ‘seeker__’‘s perfectly adequate run comments, there really isn’t much left to say. As my comrade ktwo pointed out in verification, it’s not likely this is the last it’ll feature even in our own feed.

But for any troglodytes out there, the 2017 Prey has been compared to System Shock 2 and Deus Ex more so than Arkane Studio’s own past works, such memorables as their first, Arx Fatalis, and Dishonored. The least resemblance of all “related” games is borne to the 2006 First-Person Shooter with its Native American lead, provoking accusations of Bethesda having put out a money-grubbing false reboot, and further ire from those who had subscribed to the idea they were getting the Prey 2 promised by Human Head Studios’ best-of-show-ing 2011 E3 presentation. Rumors circulate about the politics of Human Head’s falling out with its publisher, and do those ever come comely? Regardless, Arkane’s again bagged treasured above-80 metascores and, no doubt, deafened a part of the crowd to the hubbub. If you’re still sitting on the fence, I think I’ll just leave you with the most glowing and… umm… least glowing two reviews I could find, both for the PC version. I wish reviewers were more mindful of mentioning which difficulty setting they took as it can change the experience quite radically.


Source: Speed Demos Archive

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