The Complete Nintendo Switch Accessories Buyer’s Guide

So you’ve got your plan set for the system itself. You’ve made your decisions about which games you’re going to get, and probably got them pre-ordered (and maybe even paid off already). Only one last order of business as the Nintendo Switch launch approaches this Friday – sorting through all the optional accessories!

It’s a daunting task, but we’re here to help with this Complete Nintendo Switch Accessories Buyer’s Guide.

Since the Nintendo Switch hasn’t been released yet, we’d recommend sticking with either Official Nintendo or Officially Licensed 3rd party products. The Nintendo Seal of Approval means that the item has been evaluated and certified by Nintendo to be fully compatible with the console. This is especially important when the actual system is not yet available in the wild, and unlicensed parties may have to go solely by official specs to create their accessories. The exception to this rule are memory cards, since Micro SDXC is a universal format and there are no “Officially Licensed” memory cards available here in the States anyways.

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Author: Lucas M. Thomas


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