The director of ‘Final Fantasy XV’ isn’t finished yet

Final Fantasy XV took a long time coming. After a decade of delays, it’s not surprising that both Square Enix and the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, are saying they aren’t finished with Noctis and his bro squad. With not even a whisper of Final Fantasy XVI, the rest of this year (and part of 2018) is focused on the Final Fantasy XV universe: PC versions, more chapter expansions, more mobile iterations and a multiplayer mode. I talked to Tabata, the man who steered the fifteenth iteration to the finish line, here at Gamescom and he explained what worked, what didn’t and somehow tricked me into evangelizing about that mobile game. (Unfortunately, he didn’t say a thing about that bizarre Assassin’s Creed collaboration, mere hours before it was announced.)


Source: Engadget

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