The Nintendo 3DS is here to stay (for now)

With the Switch fast approaching, you might think Nintendo is ready to give up on the 3DS. Not so. The company has a small, but significant stack of games planned for the handheld in 2017, and it wants you to know about them. In a press release today, the company highlighted Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World, which comes out on February 3rd, Mario Sports Superstars — which now has a release date, March 24th — and Pikmin, a side-scroller spin-off featuring Captain Olimar and his color-coded friends. A (rather fantastic) Pikachu-themed new 3DS XL is also coming to America for $199.99 on February 24th, following its release in Japan late last year.
Source: Nintendo (Press Release)


Source: Engadget

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