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Fuck all the haters,
Empty souls like craters.
Pack up a roll of LifeSavers,
Cuz people gettin’ downgraded.

I’m tired of all the drama.
When did “fuck” become a comma?
I’m really sorry Mama,
But this world; what a shame…

Whatever happened to early morning NickToons?
Sucking helium out of birthday balloons.
Playing N64 up in our rooms,
Fighting over Player 1.

When our parents were at it,
The kids and I, running in jackets.
Falling down on our asses,
Sidewalk surfing, who knows?

You’d think life was easy.
When getting a B, got breezy.
But you said you’d never leave me…
I got all F’s that year.

Toys used to be simple.
Throw some dice, move a symbol.
It’s much easier to pop a pimple,
Rather than 10,000 brain cells.

Why do we reminisce?
Is it the innocence that we miss?
Was ignorance just bliss?
Or are we missing something?

They told us to “Just Say No!”
But what the hell did they tell us that for?
A very stupid request cuz,
All we did was say “Yes!”

I wanna go back,
To bowls of cereal and fruit snacks.
“My generation is kinda wack.”
Only if you say so…

It’s sad that we try,
To forget about years gone by.
What I really want to know is why
Some of us gave up?

Social networks unstable,
Media whores still in the cradle.
Honestly it’s too much to handle,
Meet me at the park.

Stare into the sun,
Grab a bike, not a gun.
You’d be surprised, to realize;
It’s so easy to have fun.

Dust off that Sega.
Call a friend, make pizza bagels.
Close that laptop, drop that tablet;
And just go get high, scores.

Hook up your old T.V.
Pour a big glass of iced tea.
Play your favorite VHS or DVD.
Grab a friend and just cuddle.

Yo seriously, it’s not lame.
To appreciate the simple things.
No need, for complexity,
When you got buds and videogames.

But don’t listen to me…
Who am I? Just another MC.
Why the hell would we ever need,
The remnants of human interaction.

I agree to disagree,
What they tell me on T.V.
Instead I’d rather see,
What’s on your mind?

Who to love in this lonely realm?
It doesn’t matter, digital or film.
Connect your soul to the universe
And celebrate our former youth.

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