The Unspoken Review

The Unspoken justifies its exclusivity to the Oculus Rift by making great use of the Oculus Touch controllers to believably give you the hands of a spellcaster. It’s a physically engaging urban-wizard duel that challenges you with aim, what spells to cast, how much time it takes to cast them, and where in the dense arenas you’ll cast them from.


p dir=”ltr”>Having you conjure a library of elaborate spells with hand gestures is a complicated concept that The Unspoken makes simple, easy to pick up, and physically impactful. Smart button mapping makes each unique movement feel natural, whether it’s holding a trigger to grow a fireball, or using a charm to scoop up orbs of green liquid and throw a powerful magic bomb. Each movement is different enough to one another that they’re all individually memorable, and I quickly felt as though I’d always been a spellcaster, and always known the motions. Even if the controls don’t require much aerobic action, I so strongly felt like I was physically directing my fireballs that I consistently worked up a sweat.

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