Universal’s Jimmy Fallon Ride Feels a Lot Like Mario Kart


Universal Orlando Resort and its two theme parks are filled with attractions based on big name franchises – Jurassic Park! Harry Potter! Transformers! Spider-Man! The Simpsons! But their newest inclusion stands out because a late night talk show isn’t exactly the kind of property one expects to get a theme park ride… and yet Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon, which just opened at Universal Studios Florida, does just that.

I’m not exactly a big fan of Fallon’s incarnation of The Tonight Show, and it innately feels weird that any show of this sort would be the subject of a theme park attraction. Then there’s the fact that this is yet another 3D motion-simulator, which feels like a pretty overused theme park go-to at this point. All of which is to say I was pretty cynical when I went on the newly opened ride last week. And yet after all that, I actually found it pretty fun.

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Author: Eric Goldman

Source: IGN.com

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