Watch a Retro Arwing Dominate in Star Fox Zero

During a recent hands-on demo, Nintendo finally discussed Amiibo functionality in Star Fox Zero.

If you scan the Star Fox Amiibo, your modern Arwing will transform into the classic 16-bit Arwing featured in the original SNES Star Fox. Once unlocked, you and your entire squad will appear in these ships in game.

In addition to its 16-bit appearance, the Retro Arwing also comes with classic bomb icons, sound effects, and music, plus a specially designed Walker that retains the 16-bit aesthetic despite the fact that Walkers didn’t exist in the original game (though they almost existed in the cancelled Star Fox 2).

It’s unclear if any other Amiibos unlock additional content in the game, but Nintendo did reveal new information about the game’s price earlier today and provided us with additional hands-on time last week.

Check out the Retro Arwing–plus a bonus side-by-side comparison with the original game–in the video below.

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