Watch the Trailer for Earthbound Beginnings

Before Earthbound, there was an NES role-playing game called Mother. That game has never been released outside of Japan, despite having had a fully finished translation ready to go. That’s all changing soon; Nintendo announced today during the Nintendo World Championship that Mother will be released as Earthbound Beginnings on the Wii U eShop.

The trailer didn’t come with a release date or any other details, and just like the Earthbound Virtual Console release last year, it will only be available on Wii U.

But on the bright side, the release of this game and Lucas as Smash Bros. DLC at least gives us hope that an American release of Mother 3 isn’t completely impossible.

Given this announcements timing, could Nintendo announce that re-release during its Tuesday Nintendo Direct presentation? We’ll find out soon!

Earthbound Beginnings is set to release today, June 14, at 6PM PT in the US.

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