We did an episode (pod) on Land of Illusion for SMS if anyone feels like listening!


Ho ho! Welcome to Bonus Barrel, folks!

In this super magical episode we take a look at the SMS/Gamegear “classic” The Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. What a game! 1/3 of Bonus Barrel beat the entire thing too (what a swell person, right?) 100% of the BB Crew did beat level 1 so that’s definitely a thing. What’s important here is we all have things to say about this game and y’all should listen!

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Music in today’s episode:
Chibi Robo and We’re all under the stars (Erik Skiff) @eric-skiff
Music clips from Land of Illusion as well.
SFX – www.freesound.org/people/datasound…le/sounds/41348/ (Glass Shatter)

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