What does Lyon make you think of?

Well, if you’ve had the opportunity to go there or hear about the city, you might answer “many cultural highlights”, “(a now defunct) silk industry”, “l’OL, one of Europe’s best soccer teams”, “gastronomy” or “the Canut mural”. Apparently it’s also staked a claim in the gaming industry and that of course is what we’ll focus on here.

One of the Lyon game developers was Infogrames. According to Wikipedia, one of the founders explained their choice of logo (an armadillo) like this: “This dinosaur [sic] is our symbol. The armadillo has always survived changes to its environment, from the melting of glaciers to the worst of heat waves.” Little did he know that his company would suffer the same fate as the dinosaurs, instead of showing the armadillo’s resilience. The history of Infogrames turned out to more resemble the logo’s silhouette. After a period of growth from many acquisitions (among others, Atari), the success didn’t last and Infogrames ceased to exist as a brand in 2009. In the 25 or so years it existed, it developed and published a wide range of video games for many different platforms. At least for the French-speaking audience, it has managed to earn a bit of a reputation through Joueur du Grenier for its many games based on francophone comic book characters. In short, they have been of shifting quality and for a time, Infogrames was a recurring bashing object for JdG.

Lucky Luke: On the Daltons’ Trail (PC) follows in the footsteps of Infogrames’ other comic book adaptations. However, this has not scared off ‘wesen’. After having submitted one improvement after the other, he finally settled for this 0:44:28. Regardless of whether this is a quality game or not, the speedrun is of a high quality and at least makes the game look both good and fun.

Coincidence or not, the next game from ‘wesen’ also comes from a Lyon-based developer. Pink Panther Pinkadelic Pursuit (PC) was developed by Etranges Libellules. It’s a neat and fast-paced platformer where you’re trying to recover a hidden treasure in a mansion left behind by a deceased relative of the Pink Panther’s. There was for a time period regular improvements submitted by ‘wesen’ in the any% category after continuously finding new routes and tricks. The end result is a tight 0:14:23 (self-improvement from 18:04), which includes a number of new shortcuts and sequence breaks. Before calling it a day, he also completed an IL table with a total time of 0:12:36. Both are well worth a watch!


Source: Speed Demos Archive

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