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This week’s question is:

What game series do you wish a specific developer/team could work on?

Our favorite games are our favorite for a reason, a great development put together something memorable. But just like movies in a series will get different directors and a long-running book series might have multiple authors, what if a new studio could work on your favorite franchise? Whether it’s mashing up genres in exciting ways or just breathing new life into a series we already love to explore, here are the game series and developers that we think would go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

Bethesda Meets Vampires | Zorine Te

I would love to see Bethesda Game Studios revive the Vampire games from the World of Darkness universe–particularly in the style of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. That universe is incredibly rich with lore, and in the right hands the story and gameplay could be incredibly brilliant. Bethesda has experience in marrying narrative with gameplay in a style I’m quite fond of, so I think that studio would be best suited to it. Please, give me another Vampire: The Masquerade Game!

Streets of Rage by Rocksteady | Rob Crossley

Streets of Rage 2 is still, hands-down, the greatest scrolling beat ’em up of all time. Everything the game attempted was a triumph–the thugs, the music, the motorbikes, the insanely hard elevator levels, the buff Muay Thai mini-bosses, the metal pipes, the fire-breathing fat guys; everything. And while SEGA has attempted twice before to build a modern reboot of the 16-Bit classic, the original’s magic seems lost when converted into 3D. Who could solve such a conundrum? Look no further than Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady, which has singlehandedly changed the rules of how combat works in 3D.

Naughty Dog Does James Bond | Eddie Makuch

I would really like to see Naughty Dog work on a James Bond game. Uncharted has proven that the developer clearly has the chops to pull off a high-octane action adventure that doesn’t take itself too seriously. That’s essentially the Bond formula. Plus, Sony Pictures is behind the Bond movies and Sony also owns Naughty Dog.

Up Plus Insomniac | Mary Kish

I think Insomniac Games should make a platform game series similar to Spyro, but focused on Dug the dog from the movie Up. It would be adorable.

Arkane and the Thief | Daniel Hindes

I would like to see Dishonored developer Arkane make a Thief game. The developer has consistently proven they know how to create an engaging, first-person stealth/combat game, but I’d love to see what they could do if they were focusing on stealth specifically, as in the Thief series.

Metro: Last Light Dev and Half-Life | Kevin VanOrd

I would love to see what Metro 2033/Last Light developer 4A Games would do with a Half-Life game. Half-Life 2 is already immersed in a Ukrainian/Eastern-European milieu that recalls the post-Chernobyl dereliction and reticence of the region, and depicts an excellent futuristic version of Soviet propaganda materials and policies. 4A works with the same kinds of themes, and is already doing God’s work in the single-player shooter realm. If we gave them the keys to the Half-Life kingdom, perhaps Half-Life 3 would actually be made…and be outstanding.

Nintendo and Metroid | Peter Brown

I would love to see Nintendo make a new Metroid game. I get it, this is a chance for me to come up with a dream team scenario, but the only game I really want to see announced in the near future is Metroid, and I only want it to come from a studio underneath the Nintendo umbrella. Come on E3, don’t disappoint me! [Editor’s Note: Since Peter didn’t follow the rules, I’m going to choose a developer for him…HAL Labratories (the Kirby team), would make a super cute, “chibi” version of Samus and Metroid. The plot would focus on winning a competitive eating contest set on the Planet Zebes. You’re welcome, Peter! — JH]

Firaxis and Front Mission | Edmond Tran

I want a team at Firaxis, led by Jake Solomon, to take the reins of a new Front Mission. Front Mission 3 is one the greatest turn-based strategy games ever made. It had a gripping political thriller narrative, deep tactical battles, and you could punch dudes in a big robot suit. The series crashed and burned through the 00’s, but after a masterful XCOM reboot, Firaxis can easily bring Front Mission back to its former glory. Do it, Square Enix!

Bioware and Battlestar | Lucy James

I’d love for BioWare to tackle Battlestar Galactica. I mean, it would be kind of similar (okay, VERY similar) to Mass Effect, but Battlestar is so full of politics, intrigue, romance and action that I think it’d make a killer third-person title. Also, dogfighting in space.

Firaxis in Star Control | Ty Root

Easy. I’d love Firaxis to take on the Star Control series, even though I know Stardock supposedly has the rights to the Toys 4 Bob/Accolade classic (and is potentially going to bring back the series in 2017).

Machine Games Meets Mass Effect | Chris Watters

I want a first-person shooter in the Mass Effect universe designed by those aces at MachineGames. The Swedes behind the excellent action and warm characterization in Wolfenstein: The New Order would capitalize on the rich fiction to build intriguing relationships and create a shooter with soul (that also kicks a lot of ass).

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