Yup, We’re Getting Two Versions of Fire Emblem: Fates in the West

As with the game’s Japanese release, it appears there will be two separate physical releases of Fire Emblem: Fates in the United States.


p dir=”ltr”>Following a reference to “two versions” of the game in a press release Nintendo sent out in June, listings for Conquest and Birthright versions of Fates are now live on Amazon. Both list a placeholder release date of December 31, 2016 and a price of $40.

As we already knew, Fates consists of two distinct, complete stories, each telling the side of one of two warring factions. Whichever side you choose to play as, you’ll still interact with some of the same characters and see the same major events, but the way you play and the manner in which your story unfolds will be different.

In Japan, where the game has been available since last week, a bundle is available that includes both versions of the game. Alternatively, you can choose to buy one and then purchase the other as a DLC campaign. We’ve followed up with Nintendo of America to find out if it plans to offer a similar set of options to players, and will report back with anything we learn.

Fates, which was formerly referred to as Fire Emblem If, received its new name during Nintendo’s E3 presentation. It offers the same style of turn-based gameplay as its predecessor, Fire Emblem: Awakening, but offers some new wrinkles, such as a lack of weapon durability and a new difficulty. The game is officially due out in North America and Europe at some point in 2016.

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