‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ has a $20 DLC season pass

If you thought Nintendo’s next Zelda game didn’t look expansive enough, then you might be intrigued / already sold on a $20 season pass that will go on sale March 3rd. Producer Eiji Aonuma took to YouTube to explain how Hyrule will benefit from the first main series expansion content pack. (Games like Triforce Heroes have seen extra content after launch.) Penned for two release dates, one in the summer and one in Winter 2017, you can expect extra chests and clothing for Breath of the Wild right from the start. Pack One will add a new Cave of Trials and hard difficulty setting, as well as an intriguing “additional map feature.” Pack Two will add not only a new original story, but also a new dungeon and “additional challenges” — whatever they’ll be. The extra DLC sounds far meatier than just some new skins and level packs.


Source: Engadget

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